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Best Commercial Ranges 2020 – Works Like A Magic!!

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Do you want to cook for many people or cook different dishes easily in the shortest amount of time? So no need to go anywhere, just pick the best Commercials range. The range can save a lot of your cooking time and effort. You can find the commercial range anytime in the kitchen of a professional cook or chef. With the best commercial ranges you can fry, grill, broil, saute, boil, braces, boil, warm, and even bake.

Are you opening a new cafe or restaurant? So if you need to cook more then you must have the best commercial ranges for restaurants. So you can make many different foods at one go. The range is the one type of device that incorporates the multiple cooking areas such as grill, burners and an oven. It is ergonomically designed with heavy-duty material that delivers greater durability and long-lasting use. With the heavy-duty material construction to the ranges, it makes them rough withstand constant heat, and best to use in commercial places like restaurants, cafes or hotels and more.

The commercial ranges come in two types as restaurant ranges and heavy-duty ranges. You must have to consider the space and power sources in your restaurant’s kitchen setup. The ranges are available in two types such as electric ranges and gas ranges. The gas range uses natural gas and liquid propane for combustion and costs less than the electric range. The electric range uses tubular metal elements with resistance star and has hot tops or French plates that contain the elements.  When you are purchasing the best commercial ranges for restaurants you must consider the aspects such as existing connections, your heating requirements, and your budget.

We’ve provided professional category products with their features that will help you choose the best business category. So choose the best one for you by referring to the products we offer.

Top 10 Best Commercial Ranges of 2020

1. Commercial Countertop Hot Plate

Commercial Countertop Hot PlateLeaders In Energy Solutions!! KITMA is one of the best groups that provide the best catering equipment with the best service so that you will experience safe and healthier cooking.

These are the best commercial ranges for restaurants that deliver the stable fire with the 25,000 BTU cast burners for your cooking and sauteing performance so that you can fastly serve the delicious dishes for the customers. The heavy-duty cast-iron grates deliver the best bearing performance and designed with the flat alignment so you can easily move the pots from one burner to another and also can be removed for the easy cleaning.

The grates design saves your cooking time and also keep the burners safe against clogs resulting from overflow. You can control the temperature as per your convenience and burner's switch with the 6 independent controls. The excess oil and food debris that drains through grates are collected in the removable full-width waste tray.

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Key Features:
  • Adjustable feet
  • Removable full-width waste
  • Reliable and space-saving
  • 25,000 BTU cast burners
  • 6 independent controls
Along with gas ranges, you can also add this Highly Rated Commercial Conveyor Toaster to your kitchen so that you can make different recipes in an efficient manner.

2. Kucht KRG3618U-S Professional Natural Gas Range

Kucht KRG3618U-S Professional 36 5.2 cu. ft. Natural Gas RangeEnjoy more cooking with old-world craftsmanship by turning the average household area into a restaurant-quality kitchen. This Best commercial ranges for home use designed with an extra-large oven and 5 rack configurations so you can bake, fry, bake, and more all at once.

The unit comes with a 6 burner that includes one 18,000 000 BTU burner, two 15,000 000 BTU dual burners and three 12,000 000 BTU burners to facilitate quick service to the customer and cook the dish. It maintains the traditional cooking style as it comes with manual controls that can control the temperature of your cooking. Electronic ignition features auto re-ignition that provides a safe way to reduce gas leakage.

Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates allow for easy moving of the pot from one burner to the next burner and provide an excellent bearing. This is very easy to clean as the sealed burner allows for easy cleaning. The range is designed with a durable stainless steel material with a comfortable grip handle and it is a superior range that delivers excellent cooking performance.

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Key Features:
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates
  • Auto re-ignition keeps safe
  • Manual controls
  • Extra-large convection oven
  • Full stainless steel range

3. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30" Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30 Gas RangeMeet the best commercial ranges that deliver excellent cooking performance with the four burners and one oven. It features an electronic Ignition with auto Re-ignition that protects you from the gas leaks.

The best commercial ranges that provide the one 18,000 BTU Sealed Single Burners, two 12,000 BTU Sealed Single Burners, and one 15,000 BTU Sealed Dual Burners with a 650 BTU Simmer Function. Modern stainless steel construction of the range offers the durability and long-lasting use and the stylish look.  In-built with the oven that has an extra-large window so you can easily monitor the progress of your cooking.

Durable heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates allow easy cleaning as it is removable and also allows the user to easily move the pot from one burner to another. It comes up with the porcelain drip pan on the stovetop and in the oven that is smooth, easy to touch, and ensures easy cleaning. For creating the delicious food, convection fan allows to circulates heat for even distribution and 2 Halogen Lights adds the superb visibility for the oven interior.

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Key Features:

  • Stainless metal finish control knobs
  • Twin halogen oven lights
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates
  • Auto Re-ignition for safety
  • Easy to Remove burner parts
  • No scratch black porcelain drip pans

4. Empava 36" Slide-In Single Oven Gas Range

Empava 36 Slide-In Single Oven Gas RangeEmpava is providing exceptional quality products with the flexibility you need and reduces your efforts of cooking so that you can make the world's best delicious food.

It offers you the four different burners with the dual ring 17400-BTU burner, a rapid 8200-BTU burner, two semi-rapid 6900-BTU burner, and auxiliary 5000-BTU burner for distributing the even heat for simmer, boil, steaming, frying and more. These best commercial ranges for restaurants are LPG / NG convertible for propane and natural gas cooktops that provide maximum BTU power. The Empava Thermocouple Flame-Out Failure System Features Auto-Off is designed to save you from gas leaks.

Because the oven, rack, and walls are heated to the correct temperature, evenly distributed heat throughout the oven in the same direction can deliver the right temperature and airflow for a fast preheating and uniform cooking. Halogen lamps are illuminated that allow you to monitor your eating progress with the oven's transparent oven windows. It has the 2 removable Oven racks that deliver easy cleaning. With the adjustable rack position, you can adjust the various size of food items.

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Key Features:
  • 4 Different versatile burner
  • LPG/NG convertible
  • Thermocouple flame-out failure system
  • Responsive glass touch display
  • The digital countdown time
  • 4 Adjustable rack position

5. Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style Single Dual Fuel Range

Cosmo COS-F965NF Commercial-Style 36 in. 3.8 cu. ft. Single Dual Fuel RangeIt's great when you are getting the professional-style stainless steel dual fuel range that delivers the high performance for cooking with the electric convection oven.

These best commercial ranges for restaurants use include the convection oven with the 8 cooking functions such as turbo, convection, broil, convection broil, and bake. With the 5 high-performance gas burners with 8, 000 BTU to 5, 000 BTU, make the different dishes on even high heat for boiling, frying and a low simmer for delicate sauces. It comes up with the stainless steel knobs that ensure child safety and you can experience trouble-free operation.

Simply push the control knob in and turn and hold to ignite the range in this way you will be protected from the accidental ignition. The cavity cooling oven ventilation system allows the heat to dissipate from the outer surfaces. It has the ergonomic corrosion-resistant stainless steel that offers a professional style exterior and durability for any type of cooking. The range delivers a stylish and elegant look with the corrosion-resistant stainless steel material.

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Key Features:
  • High-quality stainless steel knobs
  • 5 Performance burners
  • Cavity cooling oven ventilation system
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • A convenient storage drawer

6. NXR SC3611 36" 5.5 cu.ft. Professional Style Gas Range

NXR SC3611 36 5.5 cu.ft. Professional Style Gas RangeIntroducing the best centerpiece of your kitchen with the elegant and stylish look that is perfect for the restaurants, cafes, hotels, and more. It is designed with the 6 burners that deliver the high power for Boil water with 18,000 BTU and low power for simmer delicate sauces with 6,000 BTU.

It also includes the convection oven with the convection fan that delivers the even heat for your cooking. With the oven's broiler burner, show off the cooking abilities. The most attractive thing is the heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates that makes it the best commercial ranges for restaurants. It delivers the great bearing power and allows easily to move the pot from one burner to another.

It allows you to broil the food at high heat with searing and sealing in flavor so that you can broil the thin cuts of meat easily. Easily adjust the temperature for your cooking with the heavy-duty commercial temperature knobs. Onyx black porcelain coating applied to the oven so that it allows easy cleaning. 2 Halogen lights enable you to look at the progress of your cooking.

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Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6 burners with high power
  • Convection fan for even cooking
  • Extra-large oven window
  • Butterfly broiler burner
  • Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates

7. Duxtop LCD P961LS Professional Induction Cooktop Commercial Range

Duxtop LCD P961LS Professional Induction Cooktop Commercial RangeDuxtop is the perfect range that delivers reliable and durable performance and suitable for commercial, professional, kitchen applications. This is the best commercial ranges for restaurants included with the 20 temperature settings from 100°f to 460° f.

The large digital LCD Display allows to adjust and view the control settings at your convenience. For the boil operation, you just have to press the boil button and then it will automatically, switch to power mode level 10 and set the timer to 10 minutes. It allows the cookware made of the cast iron, iron, magnetic steel, enameled iron, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom.

For the safety point of view, the range is programmed for two hours so that it will shut off after an hour. This range is more efficient because in this case the energy generated is passed directly to the cookware and then the heat is generated directly into the cookware so this range is safer and faster than traditional cooking systems. No need for traditional PVC or pet stickers, as this range comes with touch-sensitive controls that make long-term use.

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Key Features:

  • Diagnostic error message system
  • Auto-pan detection
  • Low and high voltage warning system
  • Cookware detection & overheat sensor
  • The large digital LCD readout display

8. Cosmo COS-965AGC 36 in. 3.8 cu. ft. Single Oven Gas Range

Cosmo COS-965AGC 36 in. 3.8 cu. ft. Single Oven Gas RangeCook with Cosmo's stainless steel gas range which is the best kitchen tools used by professional chefs and cooks. There is a best-in-class category for restaurants that is familiar with its intuitive design and excellent cooking results.

It is designed with 5 sealed burners such as a 17, 400 BTU triple ring burner, one 8, 200 BTU rapid burner, two 6900 BTU semi-fast burners, and 5000 BTU assist burners. Heavy-duty cast-iron grates are implemented with a fingerprint and smudge resistant finish that allows for easy cleaning and thus maintains heat for your cooking and offers a similar heat distribution.

The Rapid Convection System uses a circulation fan that rotates the heat in the oven uniformly and evenly and allows the food to be cooked in the shortest amount of time. This is the best commercial rages for restaurants that comes with an elegant and modern stainless steel control knob that is easy to operate and allows you to set the temperature at your convenience. You can set a 12-hour clock as well as time with built-in display and electronic controls.

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Key Features:

  • Stylish stainless steel control knobs
  • Rapid convection technology
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron grates
  • 5 high-performance burners

9. CookRite ATO-4B Commercial Liquid Propane Range

CookRite ATO-4B Commercial Liquid Propane RangeCookRite is designed to accommodate large kitchen facilities and transform it into a high-quality kitchen. There is also a complimentary oven for cooking, as well as other baked goods.

Distribute heat and cook faster at your convenience with a better metal controlled knob compared to plastic knobs so you can cook delicious meals. These best commercial ranges for restaurants designed with durable and elegant stainless steel materials so that it fits perfectly with your heavy kitchen appliances and it offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

Don't worry about the height as it has adjustable legs that can adjust the height of the range to suit your needs. Most importantly, its safety valves are precisely tested so that its flame is automatically stabilized, avoiding any danger in an emergency. Cast-iron grease trough and built-in bowls in each blade ensure grease flows into the right zone.

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Key Features:

  • Safety valves
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Cast iron top grates
  • Adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Metal control knobs

10. Vulcan Endurance Gas Restaurant Range

Vulcan Endurance Gas Restaurant RangeTurn your kitchen into a busy and effective restaurant kitchen with a Vulcan best commercial ranges for restaurants. It is mostly a kitchen tool that comes with two ovens and 6 burners so you can cook different foods at the same time.

This is the best commercial category for restaurants that offer multitasking specialties, as it comes with 6 burners that you can fry and boil to suit your needs, and the ovens allow you to bake or heat the foods you want. That way, you can save your precious time and effort.

The best part is that it delivers extra space for pancakes, burgers, or steaks as the unit comes with a 24 "grilled /broiler with a 4" grease trough. The unit is easy to maintain and easy to clean with lift-off heads. The range can provide 30,000 BTU of heating power which can be provided by each burner from 6 burners. The unit comes with a flash tube pilot system shipped in two burners per unit so you can quickly ignite the range.

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Key Features:

  • 6 Open top burners
  • Two standard ovens
  • Shrouded flash tube pilot system
  • Lift-off cast iron grates
  • Fixed stainless-steel hood

Final Thoughts:

Energy That Shows!! Running restaurants and serving many dishes to many people can be more efficient in the professional category. Selecting the best category is not difficult, you can select the best category with the products we have provided. #1. KITMA 36 Inches Propane Range: Provide a stable fire for your cooking. #2. Kucht Natural Gas Range: Comes with Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates. #3. Thor Kitchen Freestanding Gas Range:  Easy to clean and looks great. #4. Empava Single Oven Gas Range: Offers you the flexibility you need. #5. Cosmo Dual Fuel Range:  Designed to cook food more evenly in less time. #6. NXR Natural Gas Range: Stainless steel construction for a professional look. #7. Duxtop Commercial Range: Lightweight and portable induction cooktop. #8. Cosmo Gas Range: Better heat retention and distribution. #9. CookRite Commercial Liquid Propane Range: Metal control knobs more durable than comparable plastic knobs. #10. Vulcan Endurance Range: Offers additional cooking space for pancakes, burgers. 

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