How to Choose the Best Commercial Hand Dryer

How to Choose the Best Commercial Hand Dryer

There are a number of factors to think about when picking and comparing commercial hand dryers and making the most ideal decision can appear overpowering and confusing. So don’t panic! We have written this article just for you. There are five major attributes to look for when choosing a hand dryer – speed, maintenance, cost, cleanliness, and aesthetics. These features will ensure that they stand the test of time and serve your customers well.

Beneath, we clarify why these traits matter and how to evaluate a commercial hand dryer to make sure you get the best product for your necessities.

How Do I Choose the Best Hand-Drying Speed?

The times of drying your hands on your jeans are finished! Going from 8-14 second dry occasions, a commercial hand dryer is a proficient choice for paper towels. Dry time cases ought to be held to a norm. This is the place where the PCR comes in: it gives that widespread meaning of dryness, and measures the dryer’s capacity to fulfill that guideline. The standard is 0.25 grams of lingering water or less. It’s the main certificate with industry agreement, which requires the item to be tried by an outsider testing office, and in this way can be trusted.

How Can I Make Restroom Maintenance Simple?

Nobody likes a chaotic bathroom or restroom, particularly not a public one. One method for eliminating bathroom maintenance is to introduce a commercial hand dryer. A commercial hand dryer will reduce the paper towel squander on the bathroom floor just as forestall obstructed latrines because of paper towels being flushed. Some commercial-grade hand dryers likewise come with service LED lights, which show when the service is required.

How Can Hand Dryers Save Money?

Cost isn’t just with regards to the price tag of the hand dryer, yet more so, the expense of the hand dryer over the long haul. Paper towels require capacity, dispenser maintenance, and waste evacuation. While those undertakings might appear to be negligible, after some time they accumulate in both work and item costs. High-velocity energy-proficient commercial hand dryers available can even save you in excess of a customary hand dryer. As innovation advances, so do probably the most progressive hand dryers, thus passing along the reserve funds to you! The basic demonstration of not buying paper towels ordinarily sums to significant expense investment funds also, a 95% reserve funds over paper towels. Also, you’ll don’t really manage bacteria-loaded paper squander, stop up latrines, and work escalated restocking and cleaning.

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Excel dryer hand dryers are hygienic and the optional HEPA filtration system can increase customer confidence by providing clean, filtered, clean air quickly and efficiently. New test results from LMS technology have proven that XLERATORs with HEPA, a filtration system, remove 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. This is the only HEPA filtration system currently on the market for metal mesh washable pre-filters. Our washable pre-filters provide reliable service and extended filter life. The HEPA filtration system comes as a standard feature on our new XLERATORsync hand dryer.

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Are Quiet Hand Dryers Powerful?

Hand dryer power can be characterized as two things: the force of the airflow to dry your hands and the power required to run it (electricity). Commercial hand dryers gloat the smartest possible solution, drying hands rapidly and with less power than past hand dryers. One model can dry hands utilizing just 500 watts. Utilizing fewer watts to dry clients’ hands makes them all the more harmless to the ecosystem and less expensive, which means investment funds for yourself and the climate.

If you are going to the market for a commercial hand dryer, don’t be confused. Just think about five crucial features like speed, maintenance, cost, cleanliness, and aesthetics. Use them to compare models. Discover the latest commercial hand dryers with new features like speed control, maintenance indicator, multi-voltage options, and of course cost savings. These features make a great professional hand dryer.

All of our professional dryers can be made to complement or modishly contrast with the colors and patterns of the restroom. Cover options include white thermoset resin, brushed stainless steel, epoxy painted, textured painted, chrome, and special paint options. We also offer custom image covers to convey your decision to be paperless to your customers, add a corporate logo or display a school mascot. There are numerous options for custom image design on painted or brushed stainless covers.