What to Look When Buying a Food Dehydrator

What to Look When Buying a Food Dehydrator

Have you ever considered dehydrating your most liked foods at home instead of purchasing them from a market? If you have, you should consider purchasing a new food dehydrator. I have bought many dehydrators in the last few years and I want to tell you that they are not all the same.

There are significant differences in each model of the dehydrator and if you are looking for a dehydrator according to your requirements then you need to do detailed research. Due to the different kinds of models and brands are available in the market, it can be confusing to buy the best.

Factors to Look for When Choosing a Food Dehydrator

Whether you are new to the world of dehydrating or experienced in dehydrating, purchasing a new model is always a thrilling time and there are a few factors you have to keep in mind before you invest money. In this article, we are going to share with you some important factors that you should look for when selecting a dehydrator.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Food Dehydrator


The inside of the dehydrator will be your concern once you start drying large pieces of food. If your budget is high, find a dehydrator that comes with expandable trays. So, you can purchase extra trays according to your requirements and join them in your dehydrator when you want to dry a large group of food. If you purchase a dehydrator with a certain amount of trays, you will be worried when you have to dry more food.


While a timer is not a make or break attribute in a food dehydrator, having a timer can be truly helpful when you need to dehydrate food at a particular temperature for a specific measure of time. Once the drying is complete, the timer can automatically turn off the dehydrator.

Temperature Controls

There are few designs of dehydrators are available in the market that have a fixed temperature. If you are serious about dehydration, always pick an item that features a thermostat that enables you to vary the temperature according to your recipe. Additionally, various types of food varieties have distinctive drying temperatures, so when the temperature can seldom be the best case for drying all of them.

BPA Free Materials

While purchasing a dehydrator ensure it is constructed by BPA-free materials and it is safe for cooking a wide range of foods. Utilizing BPA-free materials for the development of the dehydrator and the trays implies your food will not be exposed to any destructive harmful chemicals while drying and it will be secure for utilization.

Fan Position

There are three types of fan positions for dehydrators. Top fan, bottom fan, and rear fan. The perfect dehydrator is to have a fan behind it as there is no requirement to go around the tray in case of such a dehydrator. If the dehydrators with a fan on the top or base, there is regularly not exactly the fruitful distribution of heat and these are hard to clean also.

Factors to Look for When Choosing a Food Dehydrator

A Clear Door

A dehydrator with a glass clear door can be a blessing as it can help you examine the progress of dehydration. Assuming the door is made of rigid, hazy material, you may need to open the door to check the dehydration progression and this can prompt the loss of important heat.

Dishwasher Safe

Before buying a dehydrator you also need to consider the trays of dehydrator that are safe for use with dishwashers. That will make it convenient to clean the trays with the rest of your utensils.


An extensive warranty is required when considering a dehydrator. It is a good idea to pick a model that offers a guarantee for any problems or defects that may manifest in the future.


There are a few dehydrator designs available in the market that are very expensive, however, you should search for a dehydrator that provides the highlights you are searching for and furthermore falls in your budget.